Reminder of Annual General Meeting

It is a new year. We have much to celebrate. We have much to look towards. Join us at St. Augustine’s.   NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General meeting of Parishioners will be…Continue reading

Mid-Week Word: Jesus’ early life

This is the week that Jesus grows up. Last week we celebrated the Epiphany and this coming Sunday we mark his baptism – around his thirtieth year! What happened in those years through childhood and…Continue reading

St. A’s Weekly Announcements for February 12, 2017

sixth sunday after epiphany – february 12, 2017 Welcome to St. Augustine’s. Find out more about who we are in the pew brochure or online at Printable copy here: Feb. 12, 2017   Sundays 8:00AM…Continue reading

Weekly Announcements for February 5, 2017

A reminder that we gather to celebrate the life of Mitch Howard, past music director of this parish and son of Lauretta Howard tomorrow February 4th at 2pm at St. Augustine’s Church. We also mourn…Continue reading

Spirituality Talking Circle

 “I want a space to explore my spirituality, and hear from others in a non-threatening and respectful environment.” This is an open circle, for anyone of any faith or no faith.  We wrestle with the…Continue reading

Weekly Announcements January 8, 2016

Baptism of the Lord Sunday – Jan 8, 2016 A note from Rev. Jonathan: You will see starting next week that we will move to a pattern of Lectio Divina (divine reading) on Sunday mornings…Continue reading

Weekly Announcements for February 7th, 2016

Welcome to St. Augustine’s Anglican Church Sunday Services at 0800 am & 10:00 am This Sunday we are Intergenerational exploring the Transfiguration and how we are transformed by prayer Weekly Announcements Bulletin here: Announcements February 7, 2016…Continue reading

Weekly Announcements for January 31, 2015

  Click here for our weekly announcement bulletin: January 31 2016 announcements Welcome to St. Augustine’s Church Sunday Services at 8am and 10 am. A big thank you to everyone for your help, sharing and commitment…Continue reading