12 Days #12

The Twelfth Day of Christmas – “A Babe is born in Bethlehem” This 14th century Benedictine processional recapitulates the story for us one more time, and anticipates the arrival of the wise men tomorrow, on…Continue reading

12 Days #11

Leoncio Saenz, Nacimiento (Nativity), 1983. The banner reads: “I come to tell them that in Nicaragua the new man has been born.” The Eleventh Day of Christmas – “I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In” In a…Continue reading

12 Days #10

The Tenth Day of Christmas – “Dost thou in a manger lie” The poet asks “If [thou art] a monarch, where [is] Thy state? Where Thy court on Thee tto wait?”  And into the mouth…Continue reading

12 Days #9

9. The Ninth Day of Christmas – “From heaven above to earth I come” Congregations were moved by Martin Luther’s poignant telling of the Christmas story.  It was as if they were really there in…Continue reading

Twelfth Night Potluck Party

Join the St. Augustine’s community for a simple Twelfth Night party (the eve of the Epiphany) to mark the end of the Christmas season in the church.   Saturday, January 5th, 5-7:30pm @ st. Augustine’s…Continue reading

12 Days #8

8. The Eighth Day of Christmas:  The Holy Name of Jesus – Jesus! “Name of wondrous love!” “On the eighth day after his birth, a Jewish boy is circumcised and named.  Until then he has…Continue reading

12 Days #7

John Guliani, “Guatemalan Nativity” 7. The Seventh Day of Christmas – “Love came down at Christmas” Christina Rossetti may be better known for another Christmas hymn, “In the bleak midwinter,” which gives a very intimate perspective…Continue reading

12 Days #6

brian kershisnik, “nativity” 6. The Sixth Day of Christmas – “On this day earth shall ring” This 16th century carol has a Latin refrain:  Ideo gloria in excelsis Deo:  “Therefore, glory to God in the…Continue reading

12 Days #5

Virgin Mary with Christ Child and Saint John the Baptist, by Norval Morrisseau 5. The Fifth Day of Christmas:  The Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury – “The Huron Carol” Jean de Brébeuf was a 16th…Continue reading

12 Days #4

“Be Be” (The Nativity) by Paul Gauguin 4. The Fourth Day of Christmas:  The Feast of the Holy Innocents of Bethlehem – “Coventry Carol” This Renaissance carol tells the story of the boys whom this…Continue reading