Tuesday Word: National Aboriginal Day

We are pleased to welcome again this year Stanley Salopree for our celebration of National Aboriginal Day of Prayer this Sunday June 25th, 2017 (9:30am!).  Stanley is from the Dene Tha’ community of Meander River…Continue reading

Tuesday Word – the Land

Hi Friends, On Sunday I shared a bit of my story of how I have come to think of the body of Christ in Canada – how the Christian church is yet divided across cultural…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: This Week

How is this week different than any other. In a way, it is not.  The world follows the same pattern of turning towards the sun, and we generally keep similar structures to our day. And…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Confession

This last Sunday we dwelt on St. Paul’s letter to the Roman’s (chapter 8) and how he acknowledges there our “disordered human inclinations” (New Jerusalem Translation).  He likewise encourages us to live “in the Spirit”…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Humility Etched in Community

You may have heard me mention st. Benedict recently.  The legacy and teaching of his Rule (guide of monastic life) is the focus of our Thursday night sessions (6-7pm) and in my research, I have…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: A Meditation for Shrove Tuesday

1. It is a rule in our world that without death there is no life.  Literally.  If all our ancestors were still alive, the world’s finite resources would have been consumed long ago.  Fungi, worms,…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Courage

This Sunday, we looked at a difficult reading for modern ears (Matthew 5:21-37) and talked about some ways to approach such a reading. One thing to do is to explore what makes the reading difficult. -is…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Prayer is a habit and a plan

Thank you to all who shared in our AGM this past Sunday. The act of budgeting, personal or corporate is the work of: a) planning b) choosing priorities c) reviewing what it is you have…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Acronym Sunday – GEA and AGM

This Sunday our act of worship is to look within ourselves and our church community asking what we are thankful about from the year past, and looking and planning ahead. The day will look something…Continue reading

Tuesday Word: Last Sunday, This Sunday

Just below is a personal reflection by Dave Weins, one of our vestry members, on his experience at the ICPM lunch st. A’s helped host this past Sunday.  Thanks so much Dave. This Sunday, I…Continue reading