June 23, 2019 Announcements

Welcome to St. Augustine’s. Second Sunday after Pentecost  – June 23, 2019   Printable Announcements: June 23, 2019   This Sunday  8:00AM – SAID ANGLICAN EUCHARIST 10:00AM– our main service of holy communion /w kids…Continue reading

Pentecost @ Grace United & Weekly Announcements

Welcome to St. Augustine’s. Day of Pentecost  – June 9, 2019   ***10:00 a.m. service is at Grace United Church***   Printable Announcements: June 9, 2019   This Sunday  8:00AM – SAID ANGLICAN EUCHARIST 10:00AM–…Continue reading

Reconciliation Messy Church

Continuing in Reconciliation begins! We welcome Sunday April 28th, 2019, Rev. Nick Trussell and Mrs. Fiona Brownlee of our Diocesan Indigenous ministries team to lead us through the storytelling, craft-making, and celebration of an inter-generational…Continue reading

Christ is Risen! – Community Announcements

Easter Sunday!  Join us 8am and 10am Continuing in Reconciliation Next Week, April 28th Reconciliation Messy Church led by Rev. Nick Trussell Messy Church is a way of engaging a topic of faith intergenerationally through…Continue reading

Blessing of Easter Baskets Easter Sunday

The Blessing of Easter baskets at St. Augustine’s In life we have moments of both feasting and fasting.  There are times when it is appropriate to gather friends together and have a celebration of richness,…Continue reading

Lent and Easter 2019

In Holy Week, we pause our ‘regular’ lives, and submit ourselves to this difficult passage with Christ.  At St. Augustine’s we rely on the tradition of letting worship guide our meditation on Jesus.  We begin…Continue reading