Blessing of the Animals October 3rd, 3:30 – St. Francis

The feast day of St. Francis occurs this weekend.  Join us for a short service of blessing the animals at 3:30 on October 3rd.

A blessing is a way to honor how God is at work showing love and to pray for a deepening of that work.  It helps us to celebrate and ‘set-apart’ ordinary things for holy work.

We give thanks that we are a part of such a vast and varied natural world and we take the chance to honor the gifts of the animals we interact with most frequently.

We give thanks especially for those animals who have become as if part of our family, and for those who are with us only in our remembrances.

We will gather in Fulton Park across the street if the weather permits.

Blessing of the Animals
October 3rd at 3:30pm
Where: Fulton Park across the street from St. Augustine’s Anglican Church (6110 Fulton Rd.)
What: Bring your pet, farm animal, or other friendly critter and the clean up care required thereof.