Announcements for the week of December 20, 2015

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Click here for the announcement bulletin: December 20, 2015- Fourth Sunday of Advent

Welcome to St. Augustine’s Church

Sunday Services at 8:00am & 10:00am


Advent/Christmas Newsletter 2015

–          Have you had an opportunity to read it?  Lots of interesting information about was is happening in the Church.

–          It is available online (link above) or a few copies are in the church.


This Sunday, December 20 – we Celebrate ADVENT IV:

–          “JOY”

–          A Christmas Pageant for all.

–          If you re able to donate a gift – Our donation gifts this Sunday are for Refugee Children (all ages).  Toys, books and other gift items that would be appropriate.

–          Please DO NOT WRAP.



–          4:00pm – A simple kid-friendly service

–          9:00pm – Carol Sing

–          9:30pm – Candlelight Eucharist



–          8:00am Service



Be well and be safe.