Ancient Future Gatherings

Ancient-Future GatheringAncient Future

 Are you interested in helping shape the life and worship of a fledgling Christian community that meets for prayer Sunday evenings?
From many corners, and especially from our younger cohort, we hear longings that church be more “rooted,” less sensational, and more honest.  Many are disaffected with church and worship as it is, and desire a real experience of community.  We are seeking after community and an approach to worship that honors these longings.  Perhaps as we remember from where we have come, we will have the tools necessary to move into this new era.

Signposts in the fog to guide us:

  • High participation from the gathered community
  • Use of concrete symbols drawn from the earth and Christian history  – water, bread, wine, candles, incense
  • Liturgy and song inspired both from older sources and new writings. (for a beginning we are drawing from the Iona and Northumbria communities in particular)
  • An attitude of openness, honesty, exploration, and patient discernment as we seek to follow Christ in this particular time and place.
  • A desire to follow Jesus in our whole life and honor grief, doubt, passion, silence, longing, holy anger, struggle, joy, and hope.

A small group of us have begun to meet weekly for prayer and ongoing discussion of what God is calling us to do.  If you are feeling the Spirit’s tug as well, we hope and pray you will join us.  All are welcome to join us in worship and prayer anytime as we forge ahead – just come by!

Sunday Gatherings for Ancient Future is:

5:00pm prayers; 6:00pm potluck

Please bring a five or ten dollar offering and a potluck item