All-Parish Evangelism Workshop THIS SATURDAY!

 How to Relax and Enjoy Evangelism

May 12th, 10am-4pm
$5 lunch
RSVP for meal planning on list in entrance way or to the church office:
[email protected]


A few words on the event…

 “In recent years in the Anglican Church there has been a lot of talk about evangelism, but many people are still afraid of it. We associate it with high pressure tactics, TV evangelists, and American politics. We don’t very often see it as something we can learn to enjoy; something that can flow naturally from our lives; something that can fit with the temperament God has given to us, rather than demanding us to pretend to be someone we’re not.

Tim Chesterton believes that evangelism can be an adventure with God, something that we can all be involved in. He believes that for each of us there is a style of evangelism that fits with the unique person God has made us to be. And he also believes that evangelism is fundamentally relational; it’s about loving others, and in that context sharing with them the best treasure we have to offer: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

‘How to Relax and Enjoy Evangelism’ is a workshop Tim has designed to help us discover a better, more natural, and more enjoyable way of sharing the Good News. Prepare to be encouraged and better equipped to be a faithful witness in your everyday life.


Tim Chesterton is the rector of St Margaret’s, Edmonton and the Warden of Lay Evangelists for the Diocese of Edmonton. He has been learning to be an evangelist since he was in his teens – which is now a very long time ago!”