The People of St. Augustine Anglican Church

  • Have a culture of innovation, exploration and acceptance.
  • Honor a broad range of theological leanings and understandings.  Each person each comes with their our own questions and interests.  Our unity is in a desire to follow Jesus, think of God truly, and live in a the way the scriptures beg us.
  • Help those in need, both in the parish and beyond.  This often happens quietly. Many parishioners have leadership roles in local and global social justice organizations.
  • Are generous in financial support of the parish as well as of other levels of the Anglican Church. We provide financial support for ‘special appeals’ such as emergent social needs and special causes, such as those chosen for Lent and Advent.
  • Work together, priest and people, in carrying out the parish mission.
  • Has a variety of lay-led educational and spiritually focussed groups which help parishioners to grow in spiritual understanding, in biblical knowledge and in understanding of our roles as Disciples of Christ.
  • Values and supports outreach programs such as monthly ‘Simple Suppers’ and ‘Monday Nights at Blues’ that invite people into our parish community.
  • Visits and supports home-bound parishioners, collects food for the Edmonton Food Bank, provides lunch for Habitat for Humanity builds in Edmonton and provides lunch and volunteers for the Bissell Centre. We celebrate a monthly Eucharist at the Hardisty Nursing Home

The Corporation

Made up of the Rector, the Rector’s Warden and the People’s Warden, the Corporation is responsible for :

  • Proper conduct of regular parish worship
  • Management of parish finances
  • Maintenance of parish property
  • Interaction with the Bishop and the Diocese.


Consists of the Rector, the Wardens, Lay Delegates to Diocesan Synod and members elected by parishioners at the Annual General Meeting.


  • Is the main visioning body of the parish, representing the needs and perspective of the parish to the rector and discerning together how to follow the call of God.
  • Conducts and directs church business  relating to the functioning of the parish, except where exceptionally large expenditures require referral to a meeting of all parishioners for a decision.
  • Supports and assists the Rector and other staff in their duties
  • Ensures an annual budget is presented to church members for approval.
  • Holds meetings on the second Tuesday of the month from September to June, and are open to any parishioners who wish to observe. Please call the church office if you have questions.