A Community Mural at St. A’s? Presentation this Sunday.

This Sunday, we welcome Theo, a local painter and mosaic artist to explore the idea of a joint mural between the Sunshine Garden and St. Augustine’s Church.  Theo has art on display at the Italian Center on 95th, around the city, and at several local schools – including our own Hardisty School down the street.  She specializes in art that is inspired by actual community input – like the picture above which is a composite of individual drawings from school kids.  The mural at St. A’s would likewise be shaped by actual input from church and garden members.  Feel free to check her out here: http://theodoraharasymiw.tumblr.com/ She lives in Fulton Place and is really excited about the chance to shape public art close to her home.  We are pleased to welcome her and members of the Sunshine Community Garden this Sunday, November 18th, 2018, at 10am for a short introduction to the project.  Please give a warm st. A’s welcome to our guests and invite anyone else you think might be interested.