12 Days #5

Virgin Mary with Christ Child and Saint John the Baptist, by Norval Morrisseau

5. The Fifth Day of Christmas:  The Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury – “The Huron Carol”
Jean de Brébeuf was a 16th century Jesuit missionary to the Indigenous people of Ontario.  He wrote this carol in the Huron language and incorporated local color into the ancient story.  Like Archbishop Thomas á Becket, whose feast this is, de Brébeuf was martyred.

Hymn Link (In traditional languages): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6IG6F6E5Ac

Lyrics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huron_Carol

Great Saint Thomas, Bishop, Priest, Martyr, and sacrificial

lambfor the Faith, pray for us.

You who were a fearless Shepherd of the people of God, pray for us to have courage in all the circumstances of our lives, to living according to the light that your example gives to our consciences. May we be faithful unto death, as you were. May we always seek God’s Holy will in our lives.  Amen.